Covid-19.jpgCovid-19 is a rapidly evovling and changing unprecedented global situtation. Updates as they are available will be located here.

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2021 Plans

Camp UniStar will be offering family camp sessions with COVID-19 modifications outlined below. 

Youth Week will not be offered. 

Read below for more deatils:

Details of COVID-19 Modifications for Summer of 2021: 

What will be offered?

  • Two “Helping Handsweeks will be offered in order to help get camp up and going after a season of dormancy—these will run from June 19-25 and June 26-July 2
  • Nine Camper Weeks will be offered beginning the weekend on July 3rd and running until Labor Day weekend.  
  • Registration for all of these weeks will begin on April 8th through an online registration form--more info will be avaialble soon
  • The cost for camp will remain the same—no increases in fees will be made this year

What will be different?

To prioritize the health and safety of our campers, our staff, and the local community, we will be making modifications based on the most current state and federal CDC guidance.  Most notably:

  • Campers will arrive on Saturday and leave on Friday in order to provide one day between the departure and arrival of campers each week to assist with necessary cleaning and sanitizing
  • We will ask interested parties to register as a household (self-defined), and at this point, we will not put more than two households in any cabin/lodge space/tenting area due to the need to share bathroom facilities and other common areas.  If guidance changes and conditions improve, we may look at increasing our numbers.
  • Because vaccines are not yet available or advisable for children and teens, and group gathering sizes must be kept separate and small, we will not be offering Adult, Children’s or Youth programs during the family weeks.  We instead hope that campers will find ways to enjoy camp together and self-organize activities safely (using our “do it yourself camp” approach).
  • With heavy hearts, the difficult decision to cancel our 2021 Youth Weeks has been made. Bringing together youth from all over the country has its own inherent risks; add to that the communal sleeping quarters, bathrooms, and community activities that make Youth Week special, and unfortunately, the essence of Youth Week ends up severely impeding our ability to provide a safe environment.

What won’t change?

  • We will still be able to gather as a beloved community—even if socially distanced
  • We will have the opportunity to enjoy the stillness of nature, hikes in the woods, stars in the sky, and boats on the water
  • Many of our staff will be returning—although it will be a slightly smaller group this year
  • Together, we will ensure that camp is tended to and available for the summers beyond this pandemic

What health and safety measures will be in place?

  • Our operations this summer will be informed by guidance provided by the Center for Disease Control, (CDC), American Camp Association (ACA),  and the Minnesota Department of Health
  • Our Health and Safety Committee has created the required COVID-19 Preparedness Plan to be filed with Beltrami County Public Health.
  • Very importantly, based on the top feedback we received from you, we will be STRONGLY RECOMMENDING that all attendees at camp be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus prior to arrival.  We recognize that due to lack of availability or for medical reasons, some campers may not have this option, so while we cannot require this we hope that all who are able to get the vaccine will do so.
  • We will also be requiring all campers to take and provide proof of a negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours of their arrival at camp
  • We will ask campers to adhere to any Minnesota Department of Health guidance that is in place during the week they are in camp which may include actions similar to those that we have been living with for much of the pandemic —masks, social distancing, and dining in household groups in cabins instead of the dining hall (with meals cooked and delivered by staff)
  • Staff will be trained on the camp’s COVID mitigation plan and Covid Response Plan prior to opening.
  • We will ask all campers to be mindful and respectful of the communities through which they travel on their way to camp, and to follow guidance received from health experts to help minimize the chance that COVID-19 enters local communities through which they may pass

What other steps will be taken?

  • We will closely follow the case rates of COVID-19 in the communities around Cass Lake as well as state guidance and be prepared to cancel camp if warranted
  • Should we have to cancel a week or more of camp, refund policies will be in place for any campers who have registered during that time
  • We will continue to uphold our vision—Belonging at Camp, Cherishing the Island, and Inspiring Action in the world

More information will be available in the coming weeks. If you have additional questions, please email