Attending Camp UniStar this summer? Read on for more details relating to your stay and specific changes for 2021. 


All campers will be required to provid a negative COVID-19 test from 3 or less days before arriving at Camp for each member of their party (including children and vacinated individuals). Need help with testing information? Check out your resources here

Getting here:

●        Location: SailStar Marina, 741 Sailstar Dr NW, Cass Lake, MN.

●        Parking: There is a free parking lot at the marina. However, cars have been vandalized in the open parking lot in the past. Locked, indoor car storage is available at the marina for a fee of $14.00 for the week.

●        Pontoon: The marina operates a covered, Coast Guard approved pontoon to take campers to UniStar. The cost is included in your camp fee. The boat will leave at 2:30 PM, so arrive by 2:00 to get your car unpacked and parked, and your luggage on the boat. Call camp if you miss the boat or need a personal boat towed. A donation is requested for unscheduled boat trips. Some campers protect their belongings in plastic garbage bags.

●        Private Boaters: Please do not arrive at camp before 3:30 PM on Saturday.

Living on the Island

Upon arrival, you will be met by the Camp Director, who will give you your housing assignment and answer any last minute questions.


Cabins and Lodge - The lodge and all cabins have H/C water, a shared bathroom with sink, tub and toilet, a small kitchen with dishes and utensils, refrigerator, microwave, and mouse-proof metal cabinet for food storage. Campers are to bring their own towels, pillows, blankets, sheets or sleeping bags; and mattress pads if desired. Let us know in advance if you need a crib (the camp has one ‘Pack ‘n’ Play’).


Tenting Area - Tenting platforms are near the shore with space for five tents. Nearby is a small gazebo and a washhouse with toilets, showers, bathtub (with a wonderful view), and a small kitchen area with dishes and utensils, refrigerator, microwave and cabinets.


Island Living - Campers are encouraged to enjoy taking a break from electronics while at camp. If you need to use your cell phone you will likely be able to get a signal. No washers or dryers are available, but there are outdoor clothes poles with pegs. The tenting area, cabins, and lodge are shared living spaces. Housekeeping is a shared responsibility (not done by staff).


Changes and Cancelations

●        Please be considerate of others by letting the Registrar know ASAP if your plans change and you cannot come to camp or will be bringing fewer campers than you registered.

●        Should we have to cancel a week or more of camp, refund policies will be in place for any campers who have registered for the affected week(s).

●        Notify the Registrar for any changes in your registration or regarding any special circumstances.

●        Persons arriving late or leaving prior to the end of the week must still pay the full week rate.



Camp staff are trained in first aid but if additional medical attention is needed for injury or illness the Cass Lake Clinic or the Bemidji Hospital are used. The camp will provide transportation if needed. Deer ticks capable of transmitting Lyme disease have been found at UniStar and confirmed cases of the disease have been reported. We suggest bringing DEET insect repellent and/or clothing pre-treated with Permethrin, an effective long-term repellent.

Note: If your party includes a child under 18 for whom you are neither parent nor legal guardian, you must bring a signed emergency medical treatment release form with you to camp. The clinic and hospital require a release signed by the parent/guardian for treatment. Request a form from the Registrar or Camp Director.



UniStar works hard to provide many meal options, including gluten-free items, almond and soy milk, and vegetarian and vegan dishes. We also accommodate many food sensitivities and allergies. In order to both reduce waste and make sure all campers are well fed, we need your cooperation in following the diet options indicated on your registration form at every meal. (No "sometimes vegetarian," etc.) If you need to change your diet preferences, please contact the Registrar at least a week before you arrive at camp. If you have complex food needs, bring enough supplemental food to ensure the comfort and health of you and your family for the entirety of your week.


Camp Activities

Camp staff provide certain necessary services. These include: lifeguarding and care for the beach, dock, and boats; first aid; food service; building and equipment maintenance. Beyond these, Camp UniStar is a “Do It Yourself Camp.” This means that campers are expected to supervise their children, share housekeeping tasks, and plan and organize their own activities with other campers. Staff are happy to assist campers with activity suggestions and instruction but do not normally initiate activities for campers.

Camper activities may include hiking, swimming, sun bathing, reading, napping, playing cards or other table games, sailing, dancing, and meditating at sunrise and sunset. Campers may want to plan social campfires, talent shows, music evenings, ping-pong, volleyball, or horseshoe tournaments. Games and puzzles and some children’s toys and books are available.

Canoes, kayaks, and sailboats are available for campers free of charge. Fishing licenses are available in Cass Lake. A donation of $40 is requested for a camp-provided boat ride to or from the marina. If you would like to rent a motorboat, we encourage you to contact SailStar Marina at (218) 335-2316.


Leaving the Island

On Friday morning, the Pontoon arrives around 9:00 AM to return campers to the mainland. If you travel to the mainland in your own boat, please depart camp prior to 9:30 AM.

UniStar Notes

  For a safe, healthy, relaxing week at camp, we ask your cooperation with the following:

●        For happy hour this year, you may bring single-serve items to share, as well as your own beverages.

●        Illegal drugs and underage alcohol consumption are not allowed.

●        Always wear a life jacket when in a canoe, kayak, sailboat, or any other boat.

●        Electronic devices such as cell phones and music players must not disturb other campers, and may not be used in common spaces, including the lodge, the dock, the beach, sidewalks, and porches. Our suggestion: use them as little as possible and enjoy the camp community

●        Smoking is permitted outdoors but not in the tenting area. We ask that you be considerate of other campers by finding a private and safe space to smoke. Please dispose of smoking materials appropriately

●        Quiet time is observed after 11:00 pm.

●        No pets may be brought to camp.

●        No jet-skis may be brought to camp


Mail and phone calls about changing your registration should be directed to the Registrar all summer.


Chris Bremer, Registrar                                                 Camp Director

6001 Ewing Ave S                                                             Camp UniStar

Edina, MN 55410                                                               25816 Star Island SE

Phone: (612) 399-6116                                                   Cass Lake, MN 56633-3339            Phone: (218) 335-2692                                         Office Hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Packing List

View the packing list here

What’s New for 2021?

Waking up the Camp in 2021: UniStar has been quietly idle for nearly two years due to last summer’s COVID restrictions. Starting up the power, water, sewer and kitchen propane systems will be a big adventure this spring. Important maintenance tasks scheduled for 2020 were pushed forward to 2021. It will be all hands on deck for the pre-season and Helping Hands teams to get the camp up and running for the 2021 season.

New Dock: The spring pre-season and Helping Hands week crews will focus on installing a new dock! Our old, heavy steel dock with the truck tires was at the end of its operating lifetime and becoming increasingly problematic to put in the water each spring and take back out each fall. The new dock with its aluminum frames and cedar decking will be much easier and safer to handle. Camper donations were very helpful in funding this project. Thank you!!!

New Dishwasher: The pre-season crews will be installing a new dishwasher in our commercial kitchen. Our old dishwasher dates from 2006 when the kitchen was initially constructed. It had a good 15-year run but was becoming somewhat unreliable in its last years.

Recent Improvements: Electric power and lighting circuits on the main floor of the lodge were updated in 2019 along with repainting Cabin 5. In 2018 we completed Phase 3 of our staff housing project to provide a second means of safety egress for both the upstairs and main levels along with restrooms and shower improvements. In 2017 we rejuvenated the old bunkhouse into the new StarHouse!

So What’s Next? Our plans for a major rejuvenation of Cabin 4 have been postponed a bit by COVID. We’re hoping to restart this project in the not-too-distant future; the project will likely be accomplished in phases. The first phase will focus on needed restroom and kitchen upgrades. A second phase will convert the front bedroom into a porch and add two new bedrooms along with a metal roof.

Through surveys and other forums, campers have expressed a priority for improved restroom and shower facilities. Major projects such as cabin rejuvenation are funded largely by camper donations. Camper generosity will bring more improvements to cabin restroom, shower and kitchen areas while retaining the rustic character of our camp buildings. 



UniStar and the Cass Lake Community


UniStar has a longstanding commitment to the Cass Lake local and regional community. Each year we support local businesses by purchasing building materials, hardware, electric power, propane, groceries and marina services. We also provide modest donations to local charities when camp finances allow for it. In recent years we have supported the Leech Lake Tribal College and Cass Lake Boys and Girls Club with plans this year to include the Outdoor Learning Space program provided by Leech Lake Early Childhood Development. In addition to our cash contribution, UniStar donates unused food and kitchen supplies to the Boys and Girls Club at the end of our camp season.