COVID-19 Guidelines for Campers


Campers over age 5 must be fully vaccinated. This means each person had their second Moderna or Pfizer vaccine shot (or first Johnson & Johnson shot) at least two weeks ago. We strongly encourage all campers to obtain all booster for which they are eligible. We strongly urge that children age 5 and under be vaccinated if eligible. If a camper has a medical exemption for vaccination, they must contact the registrar and provide documentation. Medical exemptions will be accepted if the reason for the exemption is an allergy or reaction to the vaccine. Other reasons may be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Camp UniStar is not equipped to handle the medical needs of people with significant underlying medical conditions. 


Campers age 3+, regardless of vaccination status, must show a negative COVID test from within 72 hours before arrival; PCR tests are preferred for all and required for anyone with a medical exemption. The Camp Office will collect proof of test results on a survey form sent to campers prior to each week at camp. 

Camp UniStar follows CDC guidelines. Campers may not attend camp if...

  • the camper is not fully vaccinated, including boosters, if eligible. Camp UniStar does not accept religious exemptions for vaccinations and only accepts medical exemptions on a case-by-case basis (contact the registrar);
  • the camper does not provide a negative COVID test completed within 72 hours before planned arrival;
  • the camper had close contact with a person who had COVID five days or less before testing;
  • the camper has current symptoms of COVID or feels unwell;
  • the camper's COVID symptoms are not resolved a full 5 days before planned arrival. Those whose symptoms resolved more than 5 days, but less than 10 days, before arrival should mask at camp until 10 days have passed.

Camp UniStar COVID Plans

  • UniStar staff will test on a regular schedule. Some rapid COVID tests are available at camp if campers need them.
  • Camp has a COVID Safety Operating Plan, specifying conditions under which the guidelines in this document may change. You will be notified prior to your week if the guidelines change. 


Contact the Registrar with questions or if someone in your camper household is unable to attend because they do not meet these guidelines: