Make a Commitment to Sustainability

Each year Camp UniStar welcomes old and new campers who come for the unusual magic of being at an island getaway with a small group of other liked-minded individuals and families.

Sustaining the rustic magic of Camp UniStar, season after season, is not easy, however. By the time campers arrive for the June to August weeks, there has been a lot of shoring up from the harsh winters.

During each camp week, staff and volunteers are busy keeping things maintained, inventory stocked, wholesome food replenished.

Over the generations, Camp UniStar has kept its fees low. With such a short season of camper fees, that means the camp relies a great deal on annual contributions. The land, facilities and supplies are increasingly more expensive to maintain.

More than $500,000 was raised in a capital campaign to build a new kitchen in 2007. These types of large expenditures are becoming more necessary as the basic infrastructure of our facilities and our assets continues to be used beyond the life expectancy. Camp UniStar has been a destination particularly for Universalist Unitarian families for multiple generations.

To continue the legacy of Camp UniStar, please pick up where those before us left off and invest in the camp for the generations of our families yet to come. Your generous contribution today will keep the camp running as a magical experience for years to come.

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