Youth Camping

Youth Week at Camp UniStar conjures up feelings of deep friendships, the beauty of nature, freedom, belonging, growing up, and something more difficult to describe, something magical for the hundreds of UU teenagers who have attended since its inception in 1983. Its mission has been "to provide youth with a positive environment for growth and experience within the framework of Unitarian Universalism."

Youth Week offers youth entering grades 7 through 12 time with peers to work and play while building community and lifelong friendships. The mornings include a work project like painting and landscaping that contribute to camp. Activities for the rest of the day center on enjoying time on the island: hiking, kayaking, sailing, canoeing, swimming, playing ping pong, volleyball or games, or just relaxing on the dock.

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Here's what Amanda M. had to say about her time at UniStar:

By Amanda M., entering 8th grade

Youth Week is awesome! I came for the first time this year. The girls and guys in our cabin were very welcoming. We spent all of our free time together playing tetherball, volleyball, ping pong, and going kayaking! Kayaking was my favorite part of camp. One day we decided to go to Cedar Island! We wrote our names in the sand, got back in our boats and were back before the dinner conch.

The food was so good! It was definitely not your everyday cafeteria food. It was like a home-cooked meal three times a day, announced by a conch. Every day, one of the cabins was responsible for organizing a group game, such as capture the flag or wink. Almost everyone gets involved, and it gets pretty intense! If you get injured or sick, they have a first aid room with everything you would ever need to heal.

“Work projects” include anything from painting to clearing the path around Lake Windigo. You can even work in the kitchen. If you want to go swimming, there are several ways you can do it. You can go during free time in the day, as long as you past your swimming test.

The talent show and the dance are the last two days of camp. A lot of people at UniStar are fabulous singers, so they got to sing for us at the talent show, along with many other acts like dancing, acting, and playing instruments.  The music is great. Especially at the dance. We all dance until we’re tired, and then we go have a snack from the bowls of popcorn and puppy-chow.

Half way through the week, I made 2 leather bracelets, one for me and one for my dad. I got to stamp my name, YW2, and 2012 on mine so I will never forget the week. Another one of my favorite moments in camp was when we had sing alongs.  By the end of the week, I had several songs I had never heard before memorized without even hearing the original version!  We would just sit near the ping pong table and sing together.

You should definitely sign your kid up for the best camp ever!!!