COVID-19 Update: Sadly, Youth Weeks will not be offered for Camp UniStar 2021 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Bringing together youth from all over the country has its own inherent risks; add to that the communal sleeping quarters, bathrooms, and community activities that make Youth Week special, and unfortunately, the essence of Youth Week ends up severely impeding our ability to provide a safe environment.

Youth Week

Youth Week at Camp UniStar conjures up feelings of deep friendships, the beauty of nature, freedom, belonging, growing up, and something more difficult to describe, something magical for the hundreds of UU teenagers who have attended since its inception in 1983. Its mission has been "to provide youth with a positive environment for growth and experience within the framework of Unitarian Universalism."

Youth enterting grades 7 through 12 spend time with peers working and playing while building community and lifelong friendships. Read more about Youth Week here


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