Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Youth Weeks have been suspended for the 2021 season of Camp UniStar. You can read more about that decision here. 

Youth Week Registration Information 

Youth Week 2020 Dates:

Youth Week One: Saturday, June 13 - Saturday, June 20

Youth Week Two: Saturday, June 20 - Saturday, June 27

Youth Week Registration:

  • Registration  for returning campers has closed. All returning campers that did not register during the returning camper registration period may now use the new camper registration link below. (Returning campers are defined as campers who are registering for the same week they attended in 2019)
  • Registration for new campers for the 2020 season is now open. (New campers are defined as campers who did not attend Youth Week in 2019 or those who would like to switch week)

New campers can now register here



The fee for Youth Week 2020 is $490 per a camper. 

The fee for transportation from the Twin Cities to camp is $50 round trip or $25 one way. 

*Looking Ahead*

Youth Week registration will be changing for the 2021 season and beyond in two major ways: 

1. There will no longer be two separate registration periods, instead there will be one open registration period for all youth who would like to attend, regardless of past attendance status. 

In an effort to make the registration more fair and inviting to new youth who would like to experience camp, registration will open to all interested youth, new and returning, at the same time in a first come, first serve basis. If you are unable to register immediately, please register for the waitlist, and we will determine where we can fit more campers in as soon as possible and invite those youth to attend camp.

2. We will no longer be registering 7th graders for youth week. 

We have had dwindling registrations for 7th graders over the last several years, to the point of being forced to combine them with cabins of other grades to provide a more meaningful camp experience. The extra registration spaces will allow us to register more youth from the upper grades, thus making that waitlist all the more important.

Tips for Returning Camper Registrations:

  • Take a moment prior to your registration date and attempt to log in to the registration page. Do you remember the email you used? How about your password? You can use the password reset link if you’ve forgotten that, but if you’ve forgotten the email as well, you’ll have to contact the registrar to see which one we have on file. Once you’re in, you will not be able to start your registration until registration opens, but you can update your household information; one less thing to do later.
  • Any returning campers with a younger sibling going into the 7th grade may register both at the same time, during returning camper registration, so families don’t have to go through the process twice.
  • If you are unsure about whether or not your camper can make it this year, or you are undecided as to which week your camper will be able to attend, we suggest you register anyway in both cases (and for both weeks in the latter case) and to contact the registrar to cancel as soon as you know, should that be what’s necessary. It’s much easier to cancel and refund a registration, and subsequently offer the spot to someone on the waitlist, than it is to find a spot for someone weeks after registration is over.

Tips for New Camper Registrations:

  • Be ready at the date and time that new camper registration opens. With the exception of campers entering 7th and 8th grades, there are very few spots available at both youth weeks, if you want to get one, you have to act fast.
  • Write down or save your login information for the online registration system, you will need it to complete forms and submit remaining payments as well as update your information and register again in the future.
  • The wait list is also created online through the registration system, being the first on the list gives you the best chance of getting a spot if someone in your camper’s grade needs to cancel their registration. 

What Do You Need For Online Registration?

To complete a registration you must have:

  • Basic household information - Please put the person who you want to be receiving all the communications from the registrar as ‘Parent 1’
  • Week selection - Choose Youth Week One or Youth Week Two
  • Transportation selection - Optional transport to and from the Twin Cities and Cass Lake
  • Camper Information - a few important details about your camper
  • Deposit/payment - Roughly half of the camper fee is required to complete the registration regardless of scholarship status. Most major credit cards are accepted. You also have the option of paying in full.


Not required to complete a registration, but must be submitted before May 1st:

  • Camper Agreement Form - A form for campers to sign, not parents/guardians. It is meant to be an opportunity to discuss a camper's role in the camp community and what is meant by a safe environment for growth. Please pledge to take a few minutes to go through the commitments together before having your camper(s) digitally sign it.
  • Medical Form - Requires immunization records and insurance info so have them ready. *For returning campers, the form will be auto-filled with your responses from the previous year, please check the information thoroughly and update medication dosages and immunization dates as needed.
  • Remaining payment - All remaining balances must be paid


Wait list

Once you log in to the registration system and complete the household information section, including information about your camper and what grade they will be entering in the fall, you will be ready to register for youth week. If you notice that the week you would like to sign up for has a small orange box next to it that says “waitlist,” that signifies that we have reached our capacity for campers in the grade you are trying to sign up for and if you choose to continue, you will be registering for the waitlist and not for a week at camp. You can follow the directions on each page to continue the process. There is no deposit required to get your name on the waitlist so if it’s an option, we suggest it, however, the waitlist is no guarantee. It doesn’t happen often, but the most common ways a spot opens up are:

  1. Someone who has registered before you might get a sweet summer job or decide to go on a school trip and have to cancel their registration, or 

  2. One or more of the campers from the previous year will decide not to come creating a smaller group of campers in one grade. The week leaders will then work their head-count, cabin planning magic and we decide we can fit in a few more people from the waitlist. 

In both cases, the registrar will email the first person on the waitlist in the grade where the spot has become available and ask if they are still interested in attending youth week, and so on down the list until the week is filled.


Check our our FAQ page or contact the youth week registrar, Abby Olson, at youthweek@campunistar.org