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Program Proposals 

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The Camp Nugget

Relive all of the memories from 2021 through the dispatches of the Camp Nugget

Thank you to Becca and Anya and all of the staff and campers for their reports from the island! 

Donation Mailing Address

Camp UniStar

PO Box 270061

Golden Valley, MN 55427


About Camp UniStar

Would you enjoy a week on a beautiful island retreat where you can unplug, unwind, and enjoy nature? A place where you can learn something new and engage -- when you want to -- with a village of old and new friends who are largely rooted in Unitarian Universalist values?

Camp UniStar is a place of natural beauty and serenity nestled on Star Island, surrounded by the clear waters of Cass Lake. Here amidst the Pine forests of northern Minnesota, Unitarian Universalists and like-minded friends gather to relax and regenerate. The dark, clear nights are perfect for star-gazing, while sunrises and sunsets invite meditation. Water activities abound and there are miles of trails through the quiet forest. Campers enjoy sailing, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, volleyball, horseshoes, crafts, card games, board games, conversing, or quietly reading on screen porches…all on an island with no roads or commercial enterprise.

Established in 1961, Camp UniStar is a non-profit, volunteer-managed camp for people of all ages. Families and individuals come seeking personal growth, community, and friendship as well as a deeper connection to nature. They leave with changed lives, new friends, and lifelong memories of a magical place.

During the season, camp offers 11 weeks with various programs – some for youth only, some for adults only, most for a combination of individuals to family groups. The season opens with a work week fixing up the camp, and a youth week for people entering 8th through 12th grades. In addition to staff, camp capacity each week is up to 70 campers, who are housed in sleeping rooms in the cabins and the upstairs of the main lodge, or in a tenting area beside the lake.

We hope this website will give you an idea of this uniquely Minnesotan, uniquely Unitarian Universalist place that is special to so many hearts.